Transport Links for London

Green Transport

Car Free Day 2016 -  Official website for In Town without My Car on 22 September, supported by the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions.

National LiftShare Day -  Raising awareness of car sharing as an efficient, economical & eco-friendly way to travel

ETA Green Transport Week -  8 - 16 June 2002 is a week of events around Britain designed to highlight real alternatives to the car for every day journeys

Transport Links

Birmingham Northern Relief Road alliance -   Birmingham Friends of the Earth West Midlands transport campaign

Bristol Car Share -  South Gloustershire's car sharing scheme run in conjunction with

Car Busters -  Car Busters magazine and resource centre

Car-free cities -  Accompanies the book of the same name, which offers pratical solutions to the many urban problems caused by cars and lorries.

Carplus: The Car Club Network -  Works with local authorities and communities to support the development of car-share clubs.

Centre for Independent Transport Research in London (CILT) -  London-based centre for transport research and consultancy services.

Children's Play Council -  Aims to promote better access to play opportunities and services for children.

Clean -  The UK's leading independent source of information on low emission vehicles, equipment, fuel and the companies that supply them.

Commission for Integrated Transport -  Government thinktank on sustainable transport, set up to advise on putting the 1998 Transport White Paper into action.

Council for National Parks -  Works to protect and enhance the national parks of England and Wales and promote understanding and quiet enjoyment of them.

Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) -  Promotes the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging sustainable use of natural resources.

Cutting your car use -  Accompanies the book by Anna Semlyen on how to reduce use of your car.

Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) -  Independent organisation representing the interests of cyclists in the UK.

Environmental Transport Association -  Environmental alternative to the AA or RAC, campaigning for sustainable transport.

European Cyclists Federation - A portal for European cyclist associations!

European Federation for Transport and the Environment (T&E) -  Umbrella  organisation representing bodies like Transport 2000 throughout Europe.

HACAN / Clear Skies -  Seeks quieter, cleaner and safer conditions for residents under the flight path to Heathrow and those living near the airport.

Home Zones -  Provides news on issues relating to Home Zones, traffic-calmed residential areas. Site produced by Children`s Play Council, Transport 2000 and Sustrans.

Lincolnshire InterConnect -  Innovative rural bus network that combines fixed routes with flexible demand-responsive services.

Living Streets (Pedestrians' Association) -  Campaigning group representing the interests of pedestrians and walkers.

Liftshare -  The UK's only effective car sharing solution providers

London Cycling Campaign -  Campaign to promote better facilities and conditions for cyclists in the capital.

National Society for Clean Air -  Promotes clean air and environmental protection through a reduction in air, water and land pollution and noise.

National Society for Clean Air emissions assessment -  Enables viewers to calculate their own impact on the environment through transport emissions.

Norfolk and Norwich car share scheme -  Norfolk and Norwich's lift sharing and travel information site

Newbury bypass factfile -  Low-frills, high-content website attempts to explain just why the Newbury bypass was so contentious, why people fought so hard against it, and what the fight was really all about.

North London Transport -  Comprehensive list of all transport support services to aid journey planning in North London and its surrounding area.

Powershift -  TransportAction PowerShift is an energy saving trust programme to help establish a sustainable market for alternative, clean fuel vehicles in the UK.

Rising Tide -  UK campaign network promoting action to combat climate change.

RoadPeace -  Represents the families and friends of road crash victims and campaigns for better road safety.

Rural access and public transport -  Report on the contribution of demand-responsive public transport to rural access, focusing on a case study of the Wiltshire Wigglybus. Published by the South West Sustainable Transport Roundtable.

SELTRANS -  South East London Transport Stratergy.

South East London Transport -  Comprehensive list of all transport support services to aid journey planning in South East London and its surrounding area.

Slower Speeds Initiative -  Campaign for slower traffic speeds and improved road safety, supported by Transport 2000.

Smart Moves (for car club kit) -  Offers personal transport solutions, including how to set up a car club.

Sustrans -  Cycle organisation developing the National Cycle Network, a series of inter-town and city cycle routes.

Transform Scotland -  Sister body to Transport 2000 promoting sustainable transport north of the border.

TransportAction, Energy Saving Trust -  A part of the Energy Saving Trust that provides grants for cleaner vehicle technology to local authorities.

Transport for London -  Transport for London (TfL) is an executive body of the Greater London Authority and is responsible for delivering the Mayor's integrated transport strategy, in close working partnership with the London boroughs and the Strategic Rail Authority.

Travelwise -  Offers news on travel awareness campaigns in the UK and Europe for schools and businesses.

Tynebikes -  Tynebikes' primary objective is to promote better facilities for cyclists in and around Tyneside, UK


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